Loading and unloading of workpieces on an overhead conveyor

Automatic buffer lines used in existing paint shops enable:

  • reduce the number of production workers
  • to automate the painting process,
  • reduce production downtime,
  • shorten the time of the entire painting process,
  • to avoid mistakes (eg painting the wrong detail),
  • load the automatic painting line equally,
  • reduce the buffer space.

Our capabilities

Automatic chain attachment of the automatic paint line

Precise hanging of paint hangers or single parts. By implementing the robot, we shortened the process time and reduced the number of workers required by 12.

The task of the robot was to pick up hangers weighing between 30kg and 180kg on the chain of the automatic painting line.

The painting process did not allow the chain to stop, so our line had to work without interruption. Another difficulty was the need to hang the parts evenly so that there would be no spaces on the chain without the hooks.

We completed the task by designing a special gripper with a positioner. This gripper is operated by a Yaskawa GP180 robot
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Precise hanging of hooks on an overhead conveyor in motion

Use of a buffer line in a paint shop in a confined space

Operating the robot in a confined space close to an overhead conveyor

Space in operating automatic paint shops is very limited. The automation of workpiece buffering processes can significantly reduce the space required for this task.

In the example presented here, we created a buffer line in a place where many installations ran low to the floor. This did not allow us to use standard solutions. Our entire buffer line occupies a space of only 153 square metres (17m x 9m). This means that a standard paint line can be operated with greater efficiency.

We carried out the task by designing a 142 meter long Free and Power buffer line. Two Yaskawa robots were integrated on the buffer line.
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Automatic extraction of parts for painting from other systems. Integration of robot with overhead conveyor.

Existing paint lines are difficult to automate. They often use different systems that operate separately.

In a paint shop for the automotive market (TIER 1), we integrated our buffer into an existing AGV system. The difficulty in automation was the random order of the AGVs with the details, which pick up semi-finished products from many stations. In the case of our automation to reduce costs we used only one four-port station to pick up the unpainted parts and put the painted parts on the AGVs. This solution replaced the work of at least 12 employees.

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Integration of existing AGV system into buffer line

Integration of multiple existing systems for automated paint shop operation.

Integration of multiple existing paint systems

The difficulty in automating paint processes is the multitude of different subsystems used in paint shops. Painting processes are constantly being upgraded. However, many paint shops operate systems that are not automatically integrated with each other. Most often the integration of such systems is done manually by the employees.

Unitem, through its many years of experience in a wide variety of processes, is able to automate the processes carried out by many systems.
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Removing hooks from a suspended painting line conveyor

In order to optimise the use of space on the production floor. Instead of 4 workers with manual grippers, a robotic system was used. The manipulator’s task was to take the parts and hangers off the automatic painting line and put them on the buffer line.

By implementing this solution a large production space was saved.

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Integration of multiple existing systems for automated paint shop operation.

Use of Power and Free overhead conveyors in the paint shop

P&F conveyor integration


Automatic buffer lines use Power and Free conveyor systems.

Unitem used this type of conveyor to automatically buffer up to 5 different types of products for painting. The creation of this buffer line made it possible to make maximum use of the existing systems operating in the paint shop.

Thanks to Unitem, this painting line operates in automatic mode 24/7. The solution has contributed to reducing the downtime resulting from hanging bad parts on the painting line.

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Integration of robot into an overhead conveyor of a semi-automatic paint line

Standard buffer systems make it impossible for workers to add extra parts on the same paint line, resulting in reduced productivity or halted production processes.

Unitem has developed a fully functional solution that enables workers and robots to operate at the same time.

This solution enables the optimal use of all company resources.

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Semi-automatic painting line allowing hangers to be added by employees.

We are one of the few companies providing specialized production machines that has its own research and development department.

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