Our engineers have a great experience in the manufacturing of CNC machines for non-standard purposes. In case where the standard CNC machines do not have reliability and their adaptation is not possible we offer you customized CNC solution even in a shape of the whole CNC production line.

We as well offer the solution of the CNC modification and adaptation. We equip the conventional machines with CNC drivers. In addition we design and manufacture CNC machines from the very beginning. All the projects is completed by Unitem.

Linia obróbcza

The milling machine CNC

Tokarka CNC Modyfikacja

Lathe CNC

Linia produkcyjna CNC

The milling machine CNC

Maszyna obróbcza - wiertarka w profilach

Machining machine - drilling machine in profiles

Maszyna do montażu elementów z tworzywa

Machine for assembling plastic elements

Maszyna do montażu elementów drzwi samochodowych

Machine for assembling car door elements

Maszyna do cięcia otulin

Pipe cutting machine