Manufacturing of the assembly stations

We design and manufacture the assembly stations that supports the processes in the modern factories in the industry. The manufacturing of the modern machines is based on the experience and knowledge taken from the biggest global corporations. Our projects is not only the manufacturing itself. We provide as well the post warranty services. Our team gained a big experience in design of the assembly station in the automotive industry. However we offer as well projects for medical, food and heavy industry.

Our priority is as well safety of the customer. Our machines are safe and meet the H&S requirements. Machines are control mainly by the PLC. All components used for manufacturing come from the top quality suppliers. We cooperate with our customers while design stage to meet the customer expectation. Our target is to provide the robust and simple solution. This has an impact on the price and quality. Additional benefit is the maintenance cost.

We either do not afraid of non standard technics of manufacturing. We often offer to our customers the alternative approach to their manufacturing processes. This has an effect on the durability of our machines.

Reczne maszyny montażowe

Manual assembly machines

Ręczne maszyny montażowe

Manual assembly machines

Ręczna maszyna montażowa

Manual assembly machines