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Construction of assembly machines

We design and build assembly machines used in many industries. Our customers using our machines in production processes achieve:
✅ reduced process time
✅ no assembly errors
✅ simplification of the process
✅ increasing the production capacity of the plant
✅ greater repeatability
✅ no production downtime related to machine problems
✅ shorter training time for employees

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A semi-automatic assembly machine that assembles the elements of the car seat headrest.

We design and manufacture assembly machines used in the most modern factories. The construction of assembly machines is based on the experience gained in the world’s largest corporations. Of course, our assembly machine construction is comprehensive – from mechanical design to post-warranty service. Our team has extensive experience in building assembly machines for automotives. However, we also build machines for other industries: medical, food, heavy industry or even bicycle.

All the machines built by us are safe and meet the most stringent requirements. We build these machines mainly based on PLC control. All the parts we use come from the best manufacturers. We closely adapt to clients’ requirements by developing concepts of machine operation and construction together with them. When designing industrial machines and building robotic production machines, we try to choose the simplest and most durable solutions. For example, our tightness testing machines, proposed solutions reduce test time up to 80%. Thanks to this, the machines we build are cheaper, more durable and less complicated.

We are not afraid to use non-standard ways of making parts. Often we also offer our customers alternative approach to their production processes, which results in big savings and increase of durability of the assembly machines built by us. We strive to build long term relationships with customers on a win-win business basis.

We are recommended systems integrator, thanks to which we have regular customers for whom we automate production processes.

We are one of the few companies providing specialized production machines that has its own research and development department.

automatic assembly machine

Manual assembly machines

automatyczna maszyna montażowa

Manual assembly machines

a device for placing the workpiece in the assembly machine

Manual assembly machines