How are production machines being upgraded?

For us, modernising industrial machinery means integrating an existing machine or production line with modern systems. We are able to retrofit entire production plants to function according to Industry 4.0 principles.

The main principles of Industry 4.0 production are to reduce the amount of human labour required. Part of the work is replaced by robots and control software. We equip our machines with high-end sensors to better supervise the work of the machine. We equip stations with remote access.

In our modernizations we use the potential of existing industrial machines to fully automate their work. We automate work using robots or special conveyors, feeders, in some cases we also integrate AGVs. In our portfolio there are realizations of fully automated production lines.

We perform functional modernization of machines and production lines:

  • extending the functionality of machines,
  • adding workstations
  • addition of robotic stations,
  • addition of vision and control systems,
  • addition of robotic stations
  • addition of vision control stations,
  • addition of conveyor stations
  • adding product transport stations,
  • .

  • implementation and development of SCADA systems,
  • .

Modernizing production lines

We use state-of-the-art technology. Thanks to this we are able to successfully adapt solutions to the needs of our customers. Each modernization is different due to the scope of our work and production, cost and space considerations. We do not allow ourselves to insufficiently modernize the machine to meet customer expectations. Therefore, before modernizing production lines or industrial machines:

1. We conduct an audit of existing production solutions

The purpose of audit is to determine the scope of work. By understanding the technology and process of existing production. Precise preparation of plan of space used for production, so we know how much space and what height we can use. During the audit other information is also collected about other engineering and management requirements.

It is also important for us to receive information on the financial limits for production automation. Some solutions are initially very expensive to implement, but later operation requires no additional financial or labor input. Other solutions, on the other hand, entail the necessity of, for example, paying for various solutions on a subscription basis. That is why it is so important to get all the information about the company’s plans and its possibilities.

You can trust us because we have only loyal and long-term customers for whom we have already delivered many solutions.

2. We design modernization of production lines

Providing state-of-the-art solutions, we have to design all modifications. Having qualified engineers (designers, constructors, automation specialists) we deliver only working solutions, which bring in a short time pay back of the costs incurred for the modernization.

Below we present a project of automation and construction of a buffer line used in a paint shop. Our buffer line was built in a place previously not used in production due to other installations, feeders, conveyor belts mounted at a height of 2.3 meters from the floor.

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3. Construction and commissioning stage of the upgraded machine or upgraded production line

The whole process of assembly and construction is done in our organization. The tooling department makes all the elements designed by the constructors to make the machine work. The purchasing department searches for optimal solutions in order to acquire technologies required for a given modernized machine. And the persons responsible for assembly and commissioning build the machine in accordance with individual projects. Finally, the automation specialists program all the systems to perform the planned work.

We are recommended system integrators due to our knowledge and experience. We are one of the few companies supplying specialized production machinery that has its own research and development department.

We provide concepts for improvements, modifications and automation of production processes

Na potrzeby naszych projektów wykorzystujemy manipulatory, roboty, wózki AGV, przenośniki, podajniki, systemy wizyjne, testery szczelności, systemy bezpieczeństwa, a także systemy predykcyjne.

Dlatego naszym klientom możemy dostarczać

Integration of AGV System with robot – example of process line modification

The modernization of the technological line consisted in replacing human labor with a robot. Currently, the robot replaces lawyers working in a 3-shift system. The robot is responsible for collecting and putting hangers on an automatic buffer line. The task of the robot is to place the hanger properly so that the details on it can undergo further processing.

Paint buffer line – an example of process line modification

The customer reported the need to run a buffer line due to the requirements of the automatic painting line. For technological reasons, the elements on the automatic painting line must be painted in the right order. The existing production problem was that there was no ergonomic system in the company, which was able to take the produced parts and deliver them to the painting line. To cope with this task there used to be many operators who would pick up and feed the empty and full hangers at the right time.

We supplied and programmed an overhead conveyor with a total length of over 90 meters. However, due to limited space the buffer line has a very unusual shape.

Placing workpieces on a semi-automatic painting line – example of process line modification

We undertook to automate a painting line. The task was to hang hangers on the semi-automated painting line. During the audit we were informed that the workers must be able to hang the hooks manually during the work on the modernized painting line. Another obstacle in the implementation of the modification was the variable speed of the painting line. The speed of the line changes due to the applied technology and other production processes which are performed in the same technological sequence.

To meet all the requirements we delivered a manipulator with its own gripper, thanks to which the robot can hang hangers on the painting line even if the speed of the line changes during the work of the robot.