Customized machine design

It is a pleasure to us to design Customised machines according to the individual customer’s needs. With each single project we present particular approach. At the every stage we consult the project with the customer, starting from the concept through the design to the final start up. We provide support in term of service, consultation after the start up, after warranty service and operator training. 

Customised machine design contain the following stages:

  • internal model acceptance
  • customer model acceptance
  • internal machine pre acceptance
  • final acceptance by the customer  

By following the above  path we are able to avoid any misunderstandings and design mistakes at the early phase of the project.

Unitem applied the design solutions that provide functionality and effectiveness. Our design engineers have many years of customized machine design experience such complex production line design as well as single work station design. They participated in the technological manufacturing line design projects.   Our main characteristic is creativity and individual approach towards every project. 

All our machines are built according to  CE and the certificates are awarded. Machine are built based on the newest technologist. While design safe machine operating is our priority. Our strength is fact that we have our own tool room and workshop and this has a significant influence on the lead time. 

Projekty indywidualne

Individual projects

Projekty indywidualne maszyn

Individual projects

Projektowanie indywidualnych maszyn

Individual projects