Design and construction of industrial machinery

We are the best at designing and building industrial machinery

Our specialty is the design and construction of automatic or semi-automatic industrial machines. Our solutions are optimal in terms of the implementation of tasks to the price.

Unitem creates custom, ready-made machines as well as complete automated production lines and automatic assembly lines. Each machine we build is designed with your specific process in mind. We work closely with you to fully understand your existing process. The interviews and the conducted audit are to identify bottlenecks in the process and understand the visions of the new machine. Thanks to this, we can provide you with a custom machine that will meet all your expectations

Thanks to our production machines, our clients:

  • Improve the efficiency of the assembly line and production line,
  • Increase the production capacity of their plants,
  • They reduce the required number of operators required in a given production CEO,
  • Increase the repeatability of the production process,
  • They achieve financial savings thanks to a relatively quick return on investment in the purchase of a new special production machine.

Whatever drives you to automate your factories or processes, we’re here to help – from design to construction to implementation. Unitem works with companies from a wide range of industries to carefully design machines that integrate seamlessly with our customers’ processes.

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Below we present films showing the final effect of designing production machines. On the left you can see the machine design in SolidWorks where the mechanics and electrical and pneumatic solutions are checked. On the right side there is a machine built according to the project.

Machine design stage

Automatic industrial machine made according to design

Our company is engaged in designing custom machinery

– based on the individual project of each of our clients. Thanks to this, each customer receives what he needs. Refined in every detail machines that will allow him to perform specific tasks. We consult with the customer at every stage of production to make sure that everything is in accordance with the requirements. In this way we can improve or correct some elements when it is still fully possible and convenient.

We also deliver completed projects to other system integrators, production plants and other organizations. We stand out in the market for our timeliness and expertise. Our team of designers, process engineers and automation specialists can meet the challenge of re-engineering machines and also design machines and processes in them from the very beginning (i.e. dedicated or prototype projects). Therefore Unitem’s offer includes:

  • designs of devices,
    • .

    • machine designs,
    • production line designs
    • designs of production lines,
    • designs of industrial lines,
    • designs of machines,
    • designs of machines,
    • .

    • design of nests,
    • .

    • as well as individual job designs,
    • .

    In the case of execution of designs of machines and stands performing individual stages of production of a given detail, we also deliver the production design together with the included technology.

    Our system of consulting machine construction is as follows:



    1. Internal acceptance of the model of a given machine, showing how it will look and work in reality.
    2. Acceptance of the model by the customer (together with possible corrections, if requested by the customer).
    3. .

    4. Machine build
    5. .

    6. Internal acceptance of completed project, i.e. finished machine.
    7. .

    8. Reception of completed machine by customer.
    9. .

    However, this is not the end of our cooperation with a given customer. We understand perfectly well that the employees of a given enterprise must have time to get accustomed to the new machine and learn how to operate it. Therefore, we organize post-acceptance consultations and training of operators. In our offer you will also find:

    • start-up service of ready machine
    • service support of the machine
    • post-warranty service
    • post-warranty service
    • .

    Machine projects are made with attention to the smallest details. Unitem specialists have rich experience inbuilding assembly machines and building inspection stands.

    Custom machine design is our specialty!
    The technological solutions we employ allow you to complete your projects faster. Ensure subsequent safe operation of machines, as well as maximize their efficiency and provide optimal functionality. Our staff has already participated in the realization of many projects – whole technological lines and machines working in the nest or on the production line. We are modern company which focuses on out-of-the-box solutions and is not afraid to take challenges.

    See selected projects: production lines, medical machines, robotic stations, special machining machines, tightness testers.
    At the same time, all our products comply with current requirements, including CE certification. One of our company’s departments is a tool shop, thanks to which we can design and carry out projects quickly, efficiently, and accurately. We encourage you to cooperate with us!

What is dedicated machine design?

Designing dedicated machines means delivering a project tailored to the specific needs of the customer. Such projects are significantly different from the designs of mass produced machines.

Our dedicated designs are created to fit exactly into your production processes. Our solutions do not require the customer to reduce their requirements or needs in order to use our machines.

How does the process of designing dedicated machines look like?

In the process of designing dedicated machines, needs analysis is extremely important. It is the first stage of creating every specialized machine. Already at the offering stage we have to get to know specific requirements of the customer in order to offer the most suitable solution for the customer. Needs analysis at the designing stage is to show the scope of realization of production processes by dedicated machine. dedicated application being created. It is about defining the requirements and boundary conditions regarding the price, cost, necessary but also functional and non-functional requirements to be met by the ordered dedicated machine.

What is important in the process of designing dedicated machines?

What is important and what the customer has to be aware of when ordering a dedicated machine design service is the fact that the lead time depends on the complexity of the production process.

When designing custom machines, we focus on making sure that they are fully adapted to the customer’s needs. So the basis of our work is to know them in depth. We always try to understand production processes, technological processes of a company.

On the basis of this audit we propose and advise solutions, which will be the most effective and will make the created dedicated production machine bring real benefits and be profitable for the company.

Most often, our customers commission us to build a dedicated machine, therefore, we design and build dedicated machines..

What is prototype design used for?

Prototype designing is aimed at designing a specialized machine used for specific production process or technological process.

Due to the fact that most of the dedicated machines designed, built by Unitem are created, designed for the first time, they are prototype machines.

Unitem deals with technology integration and often the research and development department together with designers creates new solutions so that the designed prototype machines used in many industries meet the requirements and expectations of customers.

Importance of audit in designing prototype machines

When designing prototype machines, it is very important to conduct a very thorough audit of the technological process and production process. Knowing the boundary conditions regarding quality, complexity and other physical characteristics of the manufactured element determines the possible technologies to be used in a given prototype machine.

Throughout realization of many projects and start-ups of our specialized machines we advise our customers only proven solutions. Many of our present customers in order to increase their production capacity or to increase the number of references of produced items order the copies of machines which we delivered earlier. However, we do not deliver identical copies of production machines due to the fact that customers usually have additional expectations and requirements for new machines.

Often customers ask us to robotize delivered workstationsh because machines work well in spite of years and company wants to automate production process

We are one of the few companies supplying specialist production machinery that has its own research and development department.

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