Custom machine design

Machines made people’s livelihood a lot easier. Currently, we cannot imagine our life without them. They took over many heavy tasks that had to be performed automatically, quickly and which were dangerous for the workers – therefore they not only improved production, but also ensured greater safety for the workers. At the moment, people often only supervise or operate machines. – In the meantime, newer, better devices are invented to perform subsequent, more and more complex tasks.

Our company designs machines to order

– based on the individual project of each of our clients. As a result, each customer gets what he needs. Machines refined in every detail that will allow him to perform specific tasks. We consult the client at every stage of production to make sure that everything complies with the requirements. In this way, we can improve or improve some elements when it is still fully possible and convenient.

Our work and consultation system is as follows:

  1. Internal receipt of the model of a given machine, showing how it will look and work in reality.
  2. Acceptance of the model by the client (with possible corrections, if the client submits them).
  3. Machine building.
  4. Internal acceptance of the completed project, i.e. the finished machine.
  5. Receipt of the machine made by us by the customer.

However, this is not the end of our cooperation with a given client. We perfectly understand that employees of a given company must have time to get used to the new machine and learn how to use it. Therefore, we organize post-commissioning consultation and operator training. In our offer, those interested will also find:

  • ready machine commissioning service
  • machine service support
  • post-warranty service.

Machine designs are made with attention to the smallest details. Unitem specialists have extensive experience in building assembly machines and building control stations.

Custom machine design is our specialty!

The technological solutions we use allow us to complete projects faster. To ensure the subsequent safe operation of machines, as well as to maximize their efficiency and ensure optimal functionality. The staff has already participated in the implementation of many projects – entire technological lines and machines working in the nest or on the production line. We are a modern company that focuses on unconventional solutions and is not afraid of taking up challenges.

See selected projects: Production lines, medical machines, robotic stations, special processing machines, leak testers.

At the same time, all our products comply with the current requirements, incl. have CE certificate. One of the departments of our company is a tool room, thanks to which we are able to design and implement projects quickly, efficiently and accurately. We encourage you to establish cooperation!

Individual projects

Individual projects

Individual projects

Individual projects

Individual projects

Individual projects