To meet the expectations of production leaders, we offer atypical machines used in production processes. Creating prototype machines is our driving force. Our team of constructors, automation engineers, as well as programmers from the R&D department will undertake the creation of both large, complete production lines, robotic production cells, fully automatic assembly and control stations, as well as individual projects.

If you have a technological process related to:

  • product assembly,

  • checking the correctness of the assembled elements,

  • transport of details within the station or production hall,

  • testing of finished products for wear or defect detection,

  • testing the tightness and leakage of manufactured products.

We can propose a solution that automates or streamlines this process.

We are not afraid of challenges!

Initially, our company was created for the needs of the automotive market. Products on this market must be characterized by precision, accuracy, repeatability and, most importantly, quality of workmanship.

Currently, we specialize in providing prototype machines and building complete production lines. We send our products to many European, American and Asian countries. We operate on many markets, supplying machines to the medical devices market, food production, furniture industry, window production and automotive markets.

We provide our solutions that automate individual processes as well as entire production lines for small manufacturers and large production plants. We carry out our task very carefully, because our machines have to work for many years, often in very unfavorable conditions (weight of products, high dustiness in production rooms, high temperatures, contact with hazardous substances).

Due to our commitment, we have been cooperating with our clients for many years. Customers, by changing their offer, modify our machines, enabling the production of refreshed products.

In carrying out the tasks entrusted by our clients, we combine the available technologies available on the market. To be able to offer the most refined and reliable products.

Quality, safety and failure-free operation are our strengths. Due to the supply of devices to highly specialized markets, we keep the agreed deadlines for the execution of machines!

We only use proven solutions and technologies. Therefore, our machines and devices have CE approval marks. They comply with Polish and European directives and standards.