16 June 2021

Sensors used in inspection machines


A wide variety of sensors are used in dedicated machines performing manufacturing tasks. Below we present the main sensors that enable automation of production processes. Sensors are responsible for transmitting the status of the workpiece or line to the controller responsible for the operation of machines. Touch sensors - Capacitive touch sensors are used in [...]

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16 June 2021

What is the difference between a safety relay and a safety controller?


Ensuring safety in the workplace is one of the most important aspects of workstation design. For this reason, there are a variety of devices designed to ensure operator safety. These include emergency stop buttons (also known as E-Stops), interlocks, curtains, scanners, and all sorts of sensors that monitor whether a process is in any way [...]

What is the difference between a safety relay and a safety controller?2021-06-16T10:51:36+02:00
16 June 2021

Design and construction of inspection and test stands


Use of inspection stands and inspection machines Inspection equipment and control stations are designed to eliminate risks and continuously supervise the most critical stages of production. They check whether certain production and assembly processes are running properly. Inspection stations are used in automatic, semi-automatic and manual production lines. These machines perform very important tasks as [...]

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27 May 2021

Why use robotic assembly stations


If we have an application with a large number of manipulations in the workspace of the station with the required high repeatability and low cycle time using additional inspection systems based on, for example, vision sensors, in most cases such a station will be based on robotic systems. Pick and place robot to speed up [...]

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27 May 2021

Profitability of robotic assembly stations


Unitem is a producer of robotic stations Based on many years of experience in building assembly applications for our clients, we can analyze the change in market trends as a supplier of dedicated robotic solutions. Currently, it is not unusual to ask for a job where the client allows the use of robot-based systems. The [...]

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21 April 2021

Production line


Production line A production line is a set of sequential operations established in a factory. These operations are designed to: assemble components to produce a finished article, poddać procesowi obróbki materiały w celu wytworzenia produktu końcowegoprocess materials to produce a final product suitable for further consumption. Figuratively, a production line is a line of machines [...]

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11 June 2019

Using industrial robots


Although more and more often we can hear about the fact that industrial robots are solutions with great potential, when asked about how to use them we often do not hide the fact that our knowledge is limited. So how can we already today in practice use their potential. Industrial robot - definition To fully [...]

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30 November 2018

Characteristics of production line


Ever since man began to produce, it has been his goal to maximize the amount of goods produced and to do so in the shortest possible time. For many centuries, the process looked the same. Everything changed with the production line. History of the origin of the production line The history of the assembly line [...]

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24 October 2018

Industrial robots types


Industrial robots have already permanently entered our reality and are present in many segments of production or storage. But how to divide robots and make a classification among them? Division of production robots by generation First of all, robots are divided by generations. The higher the generation of robots, the more versatile and efficient they [...]

Industrial robots types2021-04-12T10:54:56+02:00
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